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Petal Pool 30/07/08 photo by Benjamin Whitaker

performed at “The Well”, one-night show curated by Polly Huggett and Laura Huston, Utrophia, London, 30th July 2008

This performance took place in a darkened room, the stage lit by a blank slide from one of Polly and Laura’s projectors, turning the action into a kind of cinema or magic lantern show.

I had placed a mound of soil upon the stage and planted small red flowers all over it. I first licked the flowers one by one, then cut them with scissors and collected them in a small bowl.

I attempted to make a well, hollowing out a hole in the mound and pouring water into it. The water mostly drained straight down however. I got a bit of a well going though, and sloshed a bar of soap in it, which I had retrieved from its earlier burial in the mound. I washed my torso and feet with the muddy soap or soapy mud.

The soap (again, for the third consecutive performance, Roger et Gallet vetyver) and the soil smelt incredibly good together, and felt very good on my body (the next day I was feeling almost reborn).

When I was out of water I stuffed everything into the water jug and bowl to make a kind of still life.

At home that evening before showering it all off, I took a few photographs of my torso looking like a body just dug up.

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