THE OLD JOYS DOT COM is the website of the artist DUNCAN WARD. It takes its name from a series of drawings, which can be seen in THE OLD JOYS section, documenting the performances Duncan was making between 2007-15. A photograph of each performance is to be found in the PERFORMANCES section, alongside Duncan's written commentaries. Unauthorised videos of a few of the performances are in VIDEOS. During 2015-18 Duncan experimented with making his own videos, which are in the FILMS section; a poster for each appears under FILM POSTERS; and there is also a written FILM CHRONICLE. At the start of 2018 Duncan initiated an ongoing book series, WHAT IT'S LIKE IN HEAVEN, pages of which can be seen in the section of that name. And in 2020, Duncan began working in another new medium, monotype prints: examples of these are located, along with other works, in the OTHER WORKS section.